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Our Mission is to create equality

Our Mission is to bring equality and support to the vulnerable and underserved population. We want to remain true to our values of independence and freedom while empowering people and families.


Our vision is for everyone to have the necessary support at home in order to live with dignity.


All of our efforts at “A Glass Half Full’ are invested in providing services to marginalized individuals and families such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.


By instilling a sense of inclusivity in our communities, “A Glass Half Full” can create opportunities and resources for individuals who might otherwise be excluded. 


By creating opportunities, underserved individuals and families can thrive with the freedom of creating a good quality of life. 

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We accept both monetary and non-monetary donations, all contributions are welcome.

Every donation is important and can go a long way however small.


You can offer your skills to our cause. We need volunteers with various skills that can help our organization grow. Click the button below to learn more and find your way to contribute.

Our Story so far

My name is Marcela, I am a licensed clinical social worker and I’ve had the honor of helping many families and individuals obtain resources and services throughout my career. However, most often than not there are significant gaps in services.

One of the existing gaps are caregiving services and/or compensation for families who act as the caregivers for their loved ones. The lack of caregiving services is present within the immigrant community who is often underserved. Our family knows firsthand the struggles that come with being an immigrant with special needs.

My brother and I were born with a physical disability that required hospital stays, surgeries and extra help from our mother. We grew up with an admiration and gratitude towards our mother who raised two special needs children as a single mother.

There were no special instructions to follow on how to raise us, but she did the best she could while working really hard. The same as many immigrant families that struggle to get ahead every day. I would have appreciated if my mom would have been compensated for even a small portion of everything she did for us, but she was not.

This is our chance to give back by recognizing the needs of so many other moms, daughters, sons, aunts and endless family members that are there every day and night taking care of their loved ones without any compensation.

“A Glass Half Full” was created to advocate for individuals who don’t often have a voice and suffer in isolation. We know the struggles of being an immigrant trying to survive and take care of our loved ones.

Our grassroots efforts cultivate empowerment for individuals to have an opportunity to live with dignity. “A Glass Half Full” represents the idea that we all need to focus on all the blessings we have and not focusing on the things we might be lacking.

It’s a positive perspective that we can all adapt to any situation in our lives.

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